When Was A.C Milan Founded?


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Associazione Calcio Milan was founded in 1899 by a British expat called Alfred Edwards. Football was already extremely popular in England at the time.

The team was originally known as Milan Cricket and Football Club. In 1908, the club had internal rows over the issue of signing foreign players to play for the club. The result of these rows, was a split which formed a rival club called F.C Internazionale Milano, now known as Inter Milan.

In 1919 the Milan Cricket and Football Club, changed it's name to Milan Football Club. This was changed again from 1938, when the fascist regime forced the club to adopt the Italianised name Associazione Calcio Milano.

However, after the Second World War, the Milano part of the title was changed to Milan, in honour of the club's British roots.

A.C Milan has won the Champions League trophy on 6 occasions and have become Champions of Serie A league on 17 occasions.

Unfortunately due to a match-fixing scandal that took place during the 2005/06 season in Italy, A.C Milan were disgraced and punished, although they were allowed to remain in Serie A, unlike rivals Juventus.

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