What Is Welterweight?

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Welterweight is a sporting term that is common in competitive sports. It is a weight class division. Initially its usage was restricted solely to boxing but in recent times other sports also employ this term for their own weight division systems.

The term welterweight is derived from the Welter family. They were from Arlington in Massachusetts. They founded the National Boxing Association.

In the boxing arena a welterweight pugilist is one who weighs anywhere between 63.5 kilograms and 66.7 kilograms (that is 140 to 147 pounds). Renowned welterweight boxers include Bummy Davis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Walcott, Jose Napoles, Barney Ross, Emile Griffith, Henry Armstrong, Carmen Basilio, Fritzie Zivic, Sugar Ray Robinson and Kid Gavilan.

In shoot boxing a welterweight is a boxer that weighs anywhere between 65 and 67 kilograms. In the Olympics, taekwondo welterweight falls between 72 kilograms and 78 kilograms.

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