Is It Illegal To Date Your Basketball Coach?


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Ryan Rugraff answered
Perhaps, if you were in college it might be acceptable, but if then it is a conflict of interest for the coach. So even if it wouldn't be illegal, it would still be morally objectionable. As you are in highschool, then yes I would say you are too young to date him. In America at least, you need to be eighteen before dating someone your "elder".
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Drummergal answered
It is wrong and I'm sure if you are not of age it is very  unlawful - YES

There will be big trouble , you need to be very careful of someone who would date a high school student

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Are you 4real!! Yes it is wrong you hear of it all the time the coach losing his job and going to jail and you being embarrassed and left alone . DON'T do it
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He could get fired and go to jai depending on your age... If he really likes you take it slow and make him wait to have a serious relationship until you are out of school.
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I'm pretty sure it is.....if you really think you love him though...I wood try it...JUST MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T PUSH you INTO ANYTHING!!!  Older guys can be ready and wanting more what you think is best  GOOD LUCK!! :)

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