How do you get unbanned from without using a proxy?


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The only way to be unbanned from Club Penguin is to wait it out.

  • The purpose of bans
The moderators of the game ban people based on a number of reasons which revolve around child safety and child protection, largely due the fact that the game is aimed at 6-14 year old players and has such a vast number of active accounts. Any attempts to circumvent bans on games like Club Penguin usually result in either increased bans or the termination of an account and blocking of an IP address, as such efforts are usually against the terms and conditions of use set out by the game's publishers.

If you want to continue playing the game, your best bet is to wait until your ban expires, and then play by the rules.

  • What is Club Penguin?
Club Penguin is a online game owned by the Walt Disney Corporation. It was developed by New Horizon Interactive before being purchased by Disney in August of 2007. The game achieved a user-base (active accounts) of a claimed 12 million in 2007, which means it is by definition an MMORPG, or 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game', like 'World of Warcraft' by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is set in a permanent winter, and players take control of penguin-like cartoon avatars.

  • Cost
The game generate revenue by selling paid accounts and memberships, which are incredibly popular despite there being free memberships available. Paid memberships open up increased options for customization to players, including the ability to purchase pets for a player's avatar. Because it is a children's game, Disney has placed huge emphasis on zero-tolerance child protection. Users who swear in the in-game chat client are subject to 24 hour bans from the system, and more severe violations of the terms and conditions carry longer bans, including lifetime bans.

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