How Much Does A Wwe Diva Get Paid And When?


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They divas on wwe get paid after every show. The wwe is all fake! When the punch eachother it is fake. Some slaps or kicks can be real.
       Many people don't know how much divas get paid but I do. I'm Mchille Mccool. After every acting scene or wrestling match, we get paid about 25,00-50,000 dollars. Check out all my blogs! BYE!
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Hi. I am tiffany and i was wondering, if you really are michelle mccool, could you help me out? I want to be a wwe diva badly. Not for the fame or the wealth. I watch the crowd of fans everywhere i go. They are normal people who have had a bad day at work, a bad school day. They worry about the kids and school and work and maybe they met you on the street and gave you a death glare. But, once a wrestler steps one foot in the ring, they have a good time and laugh. Can you give me some advice?
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Hey is john cena really married plz plz tell me.give me all the details and show this to cena also .plz i am badly waiting pppppppppppppppppppppppppppllllllzzzzzz
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Hey are you really michelle mccool. If you are can you please help me to become a wwe diva a watch the all the shows and i have always wanted to be a wwe diva i am 15.
Where do i start??
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Hi I 17year old I also want to be a wrestler my  I am working on it wish me luck
thank you
the people who like john cena you wil see different cena inside of me
wish mw luck once again thank you

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