What Is A Role Of Friction In Sports?


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In football-The effects of friction can be found in several areas of football (I assume you're speaking of the American brand of Football, not the European/Southern Hemisphere brand). 1) When the quarterback throws a pass, there's friction between his fingertips and the ball, helping to impart spin to the football in the air. 2) Runners need a good grip between their shoes and the surface of the playing field, and other than gravity, friction provides the good footing they need. 3) There is a small amount of friction between opposing players during blocking and such. Attempts to diminish the friction by liberally applying, say, vaseline, to your jersey would be viewed with disfavor by the local officials.
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1) bobsleigh - the friction between the track and the skis of the sleigh slows the sleigh down. The aim of the sport is to go fast.
2) diving - friction between the diver and the water contributes to the massive splashes that you see when a high-diver gets a low score in a diving competition.

Supports: Basically everything else. Two examples are
1) soccer - friction between shoes and ground allows players to run. Friction between shoes and ball allows them to control the ball.
2) javelin - friction between the hand and javelin allow the thrower to grip the javelin. Without friction the javelin would just fall out of their hand.

Just as a side note, bobsleigh and diving wouldn't work without friction. I don't think there's any sport that would. Friction holds the sleigh's bolts together, holds the track together, allows the diver to stand on the diving board, things just don't work without friction.
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Without friction you would have no control over forward/reverse,rotational would not be able to throw,catch,jump,stop forward motion. Or stop to run in another direction.basically it would be bumper pool with human other words if you could get moving you would only change direction after colliding with another object like the wall or goal post...just my if you meant friction between teams,players then that would most likely be for the fans,entertainment,hype,news.
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For example:- if there is no friction in cricket ballers could not catch balls

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