When Did Baseball Originate In The US?


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Abner Doubleday, a Union general during the Civil War, has been credited with inventing the game in a cow pasture in Watertown, NY in 1839. It is more than likely that this a legend perpetuated by enthusiasts, because it isn't likely the the game was invented by only one man. It is more probable that baseball evolved from various European bat and ball ganes.
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Baseball is a game which is played between the two teams which are consisted of the nine players of the each side. The bat and balls are the tools which are used in order to play this game. In the year 1860 the baseball game was first started in the United States of America as a professional game. In the year 1869 the first baseball club was established. So this baseball game first started and many new players came into this game since it started.

So the American newspaper started to call this game as the national game for the United States of America and its people. So this is how this game spread to the other states of United States and in other countries through the media. There are many people who like to watch this game in the United States of America. So later on many new baseball clubs were formed and many young players joined those clubs in order to participate in those games. So this is how this game was started from the America and now this game has gained much popularity.
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The roots of baseball can be traced back to the 17th century. The earlier version of the game was known as 'Rounders'. The format of the game and its rules were laid down by the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) in the year 1884. However the invention of baseball is still unclear, this topic has been in debate for the past 100 years. But the general idea of baseball was actually taken from the game 'Rounders'.

Baseball is a team sport. It is played between two teams. Each team consists of nine players. The game is played by the use of a bat and a ball. The baseball bat is made of high quality wood which is cylindrical in shape. The ball used for in the game is very hard, it is the size of a human fist and it is covered in leather. The game is spread over nine innings, by the end of the ninth inning the team with the highest score wins. In the United States, Baseball is one of the most famous sports.
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Alexander Cartwright invented baseball and bats.
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Evan did
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Abler Doubleday is credited with the invention of baseball.  It is believed the game was invented in Cooperstown, New York in 1839.  Abler Doubleday was an American cadet in the U.S. Army. He established the ground rules for the game. Baseball is said to have originated from the British games of cricket and rounder. In cricket, a batter protects the wicket and tries to score a run before he is tagged out. To earn a run you hit the ball into a field and run in a straight line to the opposite wicket. The fielders try to catch the ball and knock down the wicket to get the batter out. A wicket is three wooden poles placed vertically in the ground with two smaller poles set horizontally on top. Instead of strikes, in cricket the bowler (pitcher) tries to knock down the wicket.           
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Actually there is a lot of debate. Although Abner Doubleday is credited, baseball is thought to have derived from older Brittish games like Cricket and Rounders!
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Yes, Rakshak is correct. Cricket and various games have been around for centuries.

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