What Are The Values Of Sports?


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Sports are a source of great amusement and relaxation. They not only refresh us but also provide us vigour so necessary for life. Good food, education and shelter are basic necessities of life. Similarly games are indispensable for health life. They are very necessary for building up our personality and formation of balanced character. Good health is great boom. Only a healthy body possess healthy mind. A healthy man can work more efficiently and cheerfully where as a sick man is liability to his relations and a burden to society. The proper way to maintain good health is to play games so that our limbs, which generally remain inactive during mental labor, may have exercise.

Games are of two types, indoor games and outdoor games. Indoor games are many types like chess playing, cards, carom boards, table tennis and many others. Though they are not very important so far our physical health is concerted yet they have some useful effects they increase efficiency of man who plays them.

Sports play a great part in improving our physical, mental health and efficiency. They inculcate discipline, senses of individual and collective responsibility, team spirit, sportsmanship and qualities, of a commander. Every player obeys his captain's order and accepts defeat and appreciate his opponent's performance. The proverb"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy" has much truth in it.
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The value of sports you can learn many things from sports like discipline and rule and regulations etc and it also help to fit your health.
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Sports help you get into shape, but don't try foot ball you'll get brain damage.

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