Why Does A Bull Charge At A Red Cloth?


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Bullfighting is the greatest sport in Spain and a very important one in many other countries. People are quite excited about this sport all over the world. The lovers of this sport believe certain things about it and nothing can change their minds. One of the things most bullfight fans and others believe is that anything red makes a bull angry and causes him to attack. Therefore, the bullfighter has to have a bright red cape and he has to be able to use this with great skill.

The sad truth is that if the same bullfighter had a white cloth or a yellow cloth or a cloth of any color, he would get the same thing with the bull. Because the bulls are color blind.

The thing that charge up the bulls is the movement of the cape, and not the color of it. Anything that would wave in front of a bull would excite him. In fact, since the bull is color blind, if a white cape waved in front of his eyes, it would give better result. Because he can see it better, as because bulls are color blind.
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