When And How Does Gravity Help In Gymnastics?


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The centre of gravity of a gymnast determines whether he or she will be able to execute an aerial feat. Gravity is defined as a force in physics. All forces pull objects in certain directions. The gravitational force of an object pulls down and it is what keeps every human being on the ground.

Many a times, people are trying to discover ways to counteract the forces of gravity by finding other forces that are opposed to the gravitational forces. When a gymnast is in the air, it is important that he or she works with the forces of gravity while performing his or her aerial manoeuvres.

The forces of gravity might try to pull the gymnast down, but it is upto the gymnast to make sure that he or she is able to constantly (and consistently) adjust his or her centre of gravity so that he or she can pull off a successful performance.
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Gavity is probably the least appreciated and understood aspect of gymnastics training and performance. Gymnasts put gravity to use in almost everthing they do. Balance is critical for a gymnast and it is affected by gravity as well as the gymnasts body position and movement. In gymnastids there are two basic types of balance - static and dynamic. Gymnasts make use of static balance in poses and balances such as a handstand or scale. They position their body so the effects of gravity are equal on both sides of the body. There are many formal body positions taught in gymnastics for this reason. Dynamic balance comes into play any time a gymnast performs a moving element or skill, such as a cartwheel or forward flip (salto). Since the effects of gravity are predictable, gymnasts must learn very specific sequence of moves for every formal gymnastics element. To perform a lunge or kick to handstand from a standing position, a gymnast learns to first fall off balance forward (gravity helps to create the initial movement) into a lunge where they transfer their body weight from the forward leg to their hands and arms using the momentum established by falling off-balance. As the skills become more intricate, explaining the specific interaction that takes place between the gymnast and gravity becomes more complicated. Gravity, as it turns out, is something a gymnast cannot do without.
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It helps to make tumbling 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times harder!
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I really don't understand sooo what the gymnists do is make sure they finnish their stunt before the greavity pulls them down to the ground
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It doesn't -_- but if there wasn't gravity, then gymnastics wouldn't be so challenging and impressive! )=

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