What Equipment Do You Need To Play Cricket?


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All you need to play a game of cricket is a bat, a ball, stumps, bails and a pitch. However, if you wish to hold a proper game of cricket more items of equipment are needed. Firstly and most importantly, you'll need 11 players on each team. They will have to be wearing cricket whites and spiked trainers to improve grip.

The batsmen will need to be fully equipped in order to protect themselves against injury from the hard ball. This protection consists of leg pads, helmet, elbow guards, thigh pads, batting gloves and a cricket "box" (to protect the most delicate area). Additionally batsmen can wear some sort of chest guard if they feel it necessary. Although all bats have the same general shape, try to find one that has good balance and feels comfortable. Bats also come in a choice of weights, which normally vary from 2lb 7oz to 3lb (1.1 to 1.4kg). A heavier bat will let you hit the ball harder and further but lighter bats allow for quicker reaction times. Different bat weights are all down to personal preference.

Bowlers need no protection at all, but close in fielders should have to wear a box, shin pads and a helmet just in case they get hit. The wicket keeper will need a helmet, box, keeper pads (smaller versions of batting pads) and wicket keeping gloves.

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A bat, ball and wickets plus a pitch. If it is a proper match, you will also need pads, protective equipment and a helmet for batsmen and close in fielders.

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Bat, Ball, Wickets, and Pitch
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Ground, Bat, Ball, Wickets, Pads, Gloves etc.
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As a minimum, a bat, a ball and some wickets.  And also at least two people.  Everything else can vary depending on if it is backyard cricket or Test Match cricket.
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Cricket bat and ball,
stumps for simple play.

If you're serious then add to that keeping gloves,  helmet, nice pitch, guard,leg pads,etc
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The basic equipment that you need is something to represent the wickets, a bat and a ball. If you are playing with a cricket ball, then the necessary protection including leg pads, arm pads helmet etc. Is required.
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You will need a helmet, shin pads, wickets, Cricket bat, gloves, cricket ball and cones to run to.

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