I have to gather donations for my highschool cross country team. Who do I ask, and how (should I suggest an amount such as $10)? Should I even ask acquaintances/near strangers for a donation?


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I think  fundraiser are a better options, like a car wash or asking for a donation for a yard sale or a raffle.

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They want you to ask for cash donations? Really? I think fund raisers are a better option.  Like a carwash, or asking for a donation for a yard sale.

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Yes, I thought that too. Offering a service or something would feel more win-win, but they just gave us a name list and told us to ask our friends, family.
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Wow. IMO you have lazy coaches. I would ask family or good friends who know what being on the team means to you to donate. You can simply say that you have been asked to ask for donations and anything they feel like giving will help.

Then I would talk to your coaches about fundraisers. I don't know where your team runs. but there are no concessions for our races. If someone can organize parents to sell water and snacks at meets, that can be one way to raise money. Have someone go to Sam's Club or Costco and buy water and snacks in bulk and they can set up a table at the meets. Using a cooler to keep the water cold. Keep track of what was spent and after you have sold enough to cover the costs of what was spent, the rest goes to the team.
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Thank you, I'll try asking them about it so that even if we don't do that this year, they'll at least have to idea for next year.
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"Hey, my school is raising money for the cross-country team.  Can you donate a few bucks?" as Normal Nobody suggested.

Not bad at all.  I might rephrase the second sentence to "Can you help us out?---we even like pennies."

And I might try give them some useful information, such as the fact that the time frame between actually needing the money and finding out that you will need it is too short to organize a standard fundraising project---that should answer all the unasked questions they might have.

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