Why do some baseballs players sniff their bats after hitting a foul?


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LOL ... What?!? ... I've never seen that.  Though I don't generally watch professional baseball.

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Tom Jackson answered

At dinner, Ted (Williams) repeated the question to Mattingly.

"People think I'm crazy, but yes," replied Mattingly. "It takes a perfect rising, four-seam fastball, a perfect swing, a foul straight back ... And you can smell the burn of the seams and the bat."


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Most of it is superstition as baseball players are very superstitious but there other ideas also.

If you foul off the ball just right, the friction causes the varnish on the bat to burn and you'll actually smell a sweet, piney scent.

I don't think the players are smelling their bats, they are probably just looking at them really closely. If the ball doesn't hit square in the middle width of the bat, then the pressure isn't evenly distributed through it and it will sometimes crack (or occasionally shatter) the bat. The players are just making sure their bats weren't damaged when they fouled off.

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they like the foul smell it leaves behind.

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I've never seen that happen before but I bet they don't smell good

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As a former ball player, i can tell you i had an eye-to-eye-close-quarter mental discussion anytime i would miss an offering... Baseball players talk to their mitts, bats, caps and even the chalk bag.

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