Is Ronaldo better than Messi?


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Both are great players . Cristiano has proved himself in the premier League as well as the La liga. Messi played only in the La Liga. Stats show that they are the best . I wouldn't pick one over the other since they are the best right now.

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One is a better player and other is a good player. Both of the characteristic revolve around among them. Now it's all your choice to choose the best. 

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Both the players are famous and skilled.They both have lots of fans.But in the last few years Ronaldo has proved himself.Though Messi is the best football player in the world, Ronaldo is the most trending and a in form player.

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Both Messi and Ronaldo are capable of spectacular things on the ball. Both of them are blessed with incredible agility and dribbling skills, but what sets Ronaldo apart and makes him the more complete player is his incredible heading ability.

Time and again, the Portuguese superstar has cropped up at important situations in important matches scoring amazing headers to tilt the balance in favour of his team. Lionel Messi’s main strengths are his close control, dribbling, and agility.

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While, Ronaldo can come close if not better Messi in all those areas, there is no denying that fact that Ronaldo is miles ahead in his athletic and physical abilities, thus making him the more complete player in comparison to the Argentine maestro.

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Friends, probably the score in favor of Messi on goals scored, and so of course these are world-class stars and it is a bit incorrect to compare them. I think if you are interested in much more information about European football, then look at the football news site here at this address in the network

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