MLB question: I noticed that a player waiting for his turn at the bat has something on his bat.... looks like a cover of some sort. What is it ? And what purpose does it serve?


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Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered

I don't know about a cover … but I've seen them with weight "rings" on the bat. 

While it adds weight to the bat in practice, adding arm muscles … IMO, it is also self-defeating, in that when they use a bat without the extra weight it alters the feel and swing of the bat.

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Ancient Hippy answered

As Walt said, it's a weight. Some are rings and some are weight sleeves that look like a short cover that slides on the bat. It's used to loosen the arm muscles before batting. If you notice, most players gently swing the bat with the weight to stretch and loosen the muscles. When a player sits in the dugout waiting for his turn at bat, all of his muscles tighten up and "go cold".

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