Who is going to the World Series this year, since the San Francisco Giants didn't even make it into the playoffs? One team hasn't made this far in 100 years. Who is it?


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Cubs have had a dry spell for 107 years. I predict they are going to the World Series this year.

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Kasey Jones
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Now the cubs are out and it's officially KC Royals and NY Mets time. I'm in the Bay Area and the closest city there is to San Francisco is KC. So I'm voting for KC.
Ancient Hippy
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After the Cubs lost, I was rooting for the Mets but they just couldn't pull it off. KC are the comeback rally kids. They are clearly the better team with great defense and hot bats.
Ancient Hippy
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You're right Sin, the Mets made some key errors that could have changed things.
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The Cubs are out. Now it's the Kansas City Royals and the Mets. I think the Royals won the title.

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