Have you ever done anything that you were told could not be done? Like "you are too short to try out for basketball," but you made the team anyway??


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

My professor told me not to procrastinate on my 35 page (minimum) paper because it would be impossible to write it in a few days. He was very particular. Ha! I wrote it in a day and a half right before due date and still made a 95%. I even had five extra pages. True story. Of course, I didn't tell him how long I waited until after the final grades were in. Best of luck to you!

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Maurice Korvo
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I was late on writing a paper once. I got the oldest book on the subject from the library, and basically copied the notes others had made in the margins over the years. Got a good mark on that one.
Corey The Goofyhawk
Gotta love students for leaving notes behind!!
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My whole life has been like that from my time in Vietnam to NASCAR Racing to a year in Pro Football, I was always told I could do anything once I made my mind up and have and the words "cant be done"  are not in my vocabulary even 61 years later, although extenuating circumstances do take their toll and limit the ole body so when my body says "no you cant" my brain and heart says, " oh yes you can"  and we are off, and its those last words that will be on my Grave Marker someday

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A lot of times on different things, happening from the moment I was born. It was 50/50 that I stay alive. I was too weak with special circumstances & doctors had doubts but I proved them otherwise!!! But one of the most satisfying moment among these which I remember clearly, years ago. In a friendly soccer match, the players all been above 22-25 & I was just a little kid. I've been picked to play for one of the sides as well, the opposition specially the goalkeeper kept mocking me like what i'm even doing among them etc . . & out of the sudden I scored a goal with dribbling two defenders & putting the ball back of the net by sliding it between goalkeeper's foots.

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