Where's former female wrestler Terri Shane now?


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Interesting question. 

For the life of me, Teri Shane (better known by her ring alias Vicky Williams) lives a life more or less in obscurity. She was around during a period in wrestling where there was a wrestling company in every state and town to some extent, as such many wrestlers often left from company to company. To be honest Terri never made it to the WE or the WWF as it was called then. 

She was a originally a part of the female midget division with other notable stars as diamond lil before challenging the legendary fabulous moohlah for the nwa women's title in the southern Jim Crocker promotion. 

She was a mainstay as well, with the poffo family based iwa, where she is to my knowledge the only ever winner of the bizarre concept match that was the women's battle royal pole match (where there is an object upon a pole and the winner is the person to obtain it . 

To my recollection, unlike many other former wrestlers, Vicky never did pop up in any independent wrestling shows now that the territory system is dead (thanks to WWE), and that Wikipedia states she retired in 1980 (where they're getting this from I don't know).

It seems that it's very unfathomable that we will se her soon. I suggest you join the classics wrestling forum and ask them, trust me these wrestling aficionados can dig up even the most obscure wrestling anecdote!

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