Is football the same as soccer?


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I would ask someone this in person and get them to explain it.

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Football -  is what we call the 'beautiful game' in England and  also in most of the world, including Europe, South America, Africa and Asia and Australia.  It's a game of great skill played by two sides of 11 players for two periods of 45 minutes. I understand that it gets the name 'soccer' as an abbreviation of the words association football.

American football is another ball game entirely, and I'm sorry to say I know nothing about it, except that it looks a bit like rugby football but with more protective clothing!

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American Football is fun also. Soccer ( football ) is catching on in the U.S. so fast, you wouldn't believe it.
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To expand on the answer supplied by Kathryn, the word soccer was coined in Great Britain(!) to differentiate it from the other football - rugby.
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I think it is aside, from the name

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