Which Is The Costliest Racket In Shuttle?


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There are a lot of rackets under the brand name Yonex which come under the category of the costliest rackets in shuttle. Especially this one racket which will cost you almost unto $200 is Yonex Armortec 700. Even though this racket is expensive and you are paying 4 times more then you would pay for another Wilson or head racket, it will not disappoint you. This model looks stylish and is very light weight. It is probably around 20lbs and comes in the UK strung with BG68 and comes at a relatively low tension. This racket is especially good for players who are controlled, because of its light weight. However, it is not as stiff as a MP99 or a MP100. For more information about this product, log on to www.badmintoncentral.com.
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Well the best and the most expensive racket used in shuttle is the Yonex Badminton racket available in nearly all leading stores.

Badminton basically is a racket game played by moreover two opposing players or two opposing pairs, who take position on opposed sides of a rectangular court which is separated by a net. Players make points by hitting a shuttlecock with the help of rackets so that it goes over the net and falls in their rival's half of the court. A shuttlecock basically is a feathered projectile whose distinctive aerodynamic attributes make it fly in a total different manner as compared to the balls used in nearly all the racket sports.

Since the flight of the shuttlecock is highly affected by the wind, competitive badminton is mainly played in closed doors.

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