Why do Arsenal fans give Nicklas Bendtner such a hard time?


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I actually support Man City but I'm wondering why Arsenal fans seem to hate Bendtner so much? He scored an important goal for them against Cardiff... And he's probably Denmark's best striker ever.

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Bendtner does get a lot of stick from Arsenal fans. To be honest, Arsenal have a bad habit of getting on the back of players that are struggling, rather than supporting them. Look at Aaron Ramsey last season for example..

Anyway, I think there are a couple of reasons Bendtner gets targeted:

1. He's a big arrogant

2. Yet despite all that self-belief he does miss quite a lot of opportunities (or so it seems)

3. Then there's the whole sponsored underwear thing at Euro 2012 where he purposely showed off his boxer shorts with the name of a betting company on them (he was fined more than he earned for that stunt though, so you gotta forgive him a little bit..)

4. There are also rumours he's a bit of a troublemaker off the pitch too, which doesn't help his cause much.

5. He's seen as a bit lazy by a lot of Arsenal fans. I'm not sure this is true. I think it's more a case of not playing enough competitive matches in a row, players tend to lose their pace and edge that way...

6. Finally, he does seem to be quite distracted by things off the pitch sometimes. For example, did you know he had time to set-up his own men's jewellery range?

Despite all this, I think he does add something to Arsenal's squad. He's a threat in the air, if he can improve his accuracy in front of goal then I'm sure he will do a lot better because he does seem to get in the right positions.

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