What Does Lacrosse Mean?


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Lacrosse basically is a tem sport which is played among ten players in the male format and the twelve players in the female format.

Each of the players use a netted stick with the basic idea of catching, passing and scoring goals with the help of these stick. The ball used in this game is made of very hard rubber. The team which scores the maximum points after two halves, of different lengths from competition to competition, and overtime if required, is declared the winner. Points are scored by pushing the ball into the rival team's goal.

This game is quiet well-liked in North America and is Canada's official national summer sport. It is said to be the fastest budding sport in the United States.
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The word "Lacrosse" is a boy's name that comes from the French and means "the cross". It is also perhaps better known as a game and also a city in Wisconsin. The word "lacrosse" was derived from the French Canadian word "la crosse" which was taken from the French word "la crosse" which in its complete form of "jeu de la crosse" meant "the game of the hooked stick". This was in turn derived from the Old French "croce" a word of Germanic origin.

The game of lacrosse was invented by the American Indians. As it is today it involves two teams of players armed with rackets with longer than usual arms and nets at the ends, to catch and carry the ball into his or her opponent's goal. The net at the end is a kind of netted or webbed pouch.
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La crosse is the French word for a bishop's crozier, the staff resembling a shepherd's crook carried by senior churchmen, including the Pope. It was the similarity between this staff and the stick used by North American Indians when playing lacrosse that gave the game its name. Lacrosse as it was originally played was very violent and involved the sticks being used to hit other "players" as well as to propel the ball.
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Ok... Well for one thing HOW DO you NOT KNOW WHAT LACROSSE IS!!!! Well the other guys ahead of me pretty much covered it.. BTW girls and boys lacrosse are way different!!!!
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