How Do I Slam Dunk Like Vince Carter?


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Hly NZ answered
The first and key thing to being able to dunk like Vince Carter is increasing your vertical jump.
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You could try the "strength shoes" as featured on Duck Dynasty, they will help you slam dunk and improve your all round basketball game :)

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eric wislon answered
Doing plyometrics is one of the best way of increasing your vertical jump since I read that it will strengthen your leg muscles and help you jump higher. I am seeing a good result with my jump. I’ve learned while doing this program is to first do stretching and other warm ups to avoid muscle cramps or any injury that may delay you on seeing good results. Try to check this site also to get your free jumping manual.
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Bruce Ree answered
If you want to dunk like Vince Carter then you need to perform resistance strength exercises, explosive strength exercises, and reactive strength exercises. 

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