Is There A Cricket Pitch In Edinburgh?


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Cricket is quite a popular sport in Scotland and there are several cricket pitches in Edinburgh. Although Scotland does not take part in cricket tests, every year, the many eminent teams, including the best English teams, visit to Edinburgh to play in Scotland. They generally play in The Grange Cricket Club in the Stockbridge area. Grange Cricket Club is accepted as Scotland's premier cricket club and has been quite successful over the last two decades. Winter Nets take place here between February and April. Amateur cricket is very popular in Edinburgh. Many clubs play each other in competitive leagues during summer months.
Recently a new cricket facility was constructed at a Lothians high school. Also Beeslack High school in Penicuik has an artificial cricket pitch and practice cage. The money for the new pitch came from the Midlothian Council. The pitch will be used by the school, Penicuik Cricket Club and the local people.

Peffermill (University of Edinburgh) also has two good quality grass cricket pitches. These are used by the University community. Two re-furbished artificial cricket nets are also there for pre-season practice.

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