I went to a baseball game and got hit right in the middle of the bridge my nose. Its broken, but not crooked or anything. How long until the swelling dies down? When do my eyes go back to normal? Why is one eye blacker than the other?


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Steve Williams answered
If it hit the left hand side of your nose it might have blackened that side more....and ice reduces swelling....so does pressure I think....when I nearly broke my little to (and the one next to it) the side of ma foot was huge so I went to A&E and they put this tight rolly cast over my entire leg haha and told me to put ice on it...swelling was down by the next day sadly haha (I liked wearing the bandage casty thing xD)
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Adrian Masters answered
I am real sorry to hear that. The ball probably hit you a little closer to one eye than another. It will probably take two to three weeks to go away. Sorry. :(

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