How Does Technology Affect Sports?


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There are a number of ways in which technology has influenced the world of sports.

From helping referee matches, through to providing statistics and information, technology and sports are two fields that have been growing ever-closer in recent years.

Sports and technology The most obvious use of technology in sports is in helping sporting officials make decisions.

From the 'photo-finish' of a horse race, through to the action-replays used in the NFL, technology has been used to make calls and decisions in cases where the human eye simply isn't quick enough.

Although this type of technology has successfully revolutionized the accuracy of decision making in a number of sports, soccer is one sport that still lags behind in the technology stakes.

Fifa, the soccer world's governing body, has so far resisted calls for it to introduce the 'hawk-eye' technology that is currently used in sports like tennis. For the time being, soccer relies solely on human referees and linesmen to make decisions instead.

Uses of technology in sports Sports science is one area to which technology has been able to contribute.

The management of athletic fitness and nutrition is intrinsically linked to various forms of technology - whether that be in the form of medical equipment, or monitoring software.

The compiling of sports statistics for post-match analysis also relies on technology quite heavily.
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I think that technology affects sport because you never know when you might need to see a replay of something.

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