How Do Spikes Improve Your Running?


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Running shoes having spikes are very beneficial to runners, especially cross-country and long-distance runners, and they play a big part in improving the times of the athletes. Spikes mainly provide the following advantages to running shoes: durability, protection, and traction and shock absorption.

Cross-country running shoes have thicker spikes than the shoes usually used by runners in track and field. This is so because cross-country runners have to negotiate arduous terrain, and it is for this purpose that they need durable running shoes and even more durable spikes. Spikes protect the shoes, irrespective of whether the shoes of a cross-country runner or those of a regular middle-distance runner who is participating in a track and field event. Cross-country running shoes have a built-in mechanism for shock absorption and a stable grip to enable the runner to compete on the toughest of terrain. This prevents the runner from suffering from foot fatigue. The spikes on pins of all shoes provide the benefit of traction, but cross-country running shoes also have the added rubber tread to improve the grip of the shoe on the ground.
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Number one they are lighter than regular shoes. The turf that track is ran upon is a spongy material. So otherwise spikes claw into the ground which helps you move forward faster because you grabbing the ground beneath you versus sneakers which is harder because you are not getting anywhere forward. While everyone is is springing forward, you're not
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So you don't fall over

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