How Do I Write Invitation Letter To Play A Friendly Match?


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We cannot go into immense detail given the fact that you have not stated what sort of match you will be playing. However - there is a basic structure that you could follow if you are looking to write a letter of invitation and these may be useful to you. The instructions are as follows:

  • Address the letter appropriately

Start by listing the receiving address at the top of the page. This tells the people delivering the letter where it is going and it also confirms with the receiver that the letter was intended for them. You should also include your name and address somewhere on the letter so that the receiver knows where they should send a letter in reply if they want to.

  • Be courteous and polite

If you are looking to request a friendly match with the receiver, you want to keep the letter friendly and polite. Thank them for their time and politely request why you wish to play against them or their team in a friendly match. Using compliments is also a great way of getting somebody interested in your proposal.

  • Include all the important details

When writing a letter asking for a friendly match, you will want to ensure that you have included all the relevant details that the receiver will need to know in order to participate. This will include the time you wish the friendly match to take place and where you intend to have the game hosted.

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