What Is The Measurement Of The Kho Kho Ground?


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The answer to the question what is the measurement of kho kho ground is 25 meters x 16 meters, or 82 feet x 52 feet.

  • what is kho kho?
Kho kho is a not very well known sport played in India and Pakistan. There are twelve players on each team but only 9 on the field at the time and the aim of the game is to avoid being touched or "tagged" by the opposing team.

How to play Kho Kho:
  • One of the team sits or kneels on the floor in adjacent rows, this is the team that have to try and have to tag the opposing team.
  • The other team can send 2 or 3 members out onto the court. On this team you have chasers who can only run one direction and can't cut across the sitting team. Then there is the dodgers who can cut across the sitting team also known as the sitters.
  • The purpose of the game is to tag all of the opponents in the shortest possible time.
The first official rules of the game were decided in 1915 and since then they have even created awards associated with the sport. To find out more about kho kho you can look at the sport's official site here
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25m 16m.

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