How Much Money Do Australian Cricket Players Get Paid?


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Dan Banks answered

If an Australian cricketer has a central contract with Cricket Australia (the Australian Cricket Board) then players can earn around £400,000 (625,000 Australian Dollars) per year, but players can earn significantly more through performance and appearance bonuses. Australian cricketers also have lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals, which can easily increase their earnings up to around 1 million Australian Dollars per year.

Cricketers can also earn vast amounts of money playing in the IPL (Indian Premier League) a twenty20 competition in India which pays foreign stars handsomely to perform in the tournament. On top of all this Australian players take home 25% of Cricket Australia's annual income.

Central Contract Earnings per Country (£)

- Australia - 400,000

- England - 400,000

- South Africa - 105,000

- India - 82,500

- West Indies - 77.250

- Sri Lanka - 77,250

- Pakistan - 22,500

- Bangladesh - 12,000

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