I Have A Bunch Of NBA Hoops Cards And Assorted Baseball Cards I Am Trying To Get Rid Of. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get These Cards Valued?


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If you're looking to get your basketball and baseball trading cards valued with an eye to selling them, here's a list of sites you might want to visit:

Getting your sports cards valued

As far as your NBA hoops cards go, there are a number of Web sites which claim to know a thing or two about their value.

In most cases, you'll probably need to know the name of the company that manufactured the cards in the first place.

For examples, if the Italian company Panini printed the cards in question, I'd suggest visiting their articular site.

Sites like sportscarradio.com might also be useful, but I'd always recommend double-checking the prices you're given with a second source.

Along the same lines are websites like tradingcardcentral.com and basketballcardspriceguide.com.

Just remember never to part with cards or cash until you're absolutely certain you are going to get what you bargained for.

How much are my baseball cards worth?

Finding out how a trading card is worth can be quite exciting. Everyone would love to discover a hidden gem among their dusty deck, and the following sites claim to be able to help you:

If you want to get the opinion of an expert, I'd suggest either looking out for a convention, or perhaps starting/joining a group for enthusiasts of NBA/MLB trading cards via Facebook.
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You would have to tell us the company that makes the cards, and what cards they are and the years .

Then they would have to be appraised and the person you sell them to would have to agree that they are worth what you consider them to be worth.

You need to provide more information before someone can give you a specific page/pages for all your different cards.

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