Can You Please Show A Map Of A Badminton Court?


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A Badminton court is rectangular in shape, and is divided in half by a net.

The area of the court is further divided into quadrilaterals of varying sizes.

The same court can be used for both singles and doubles games, although different markings come into play.

What does a Badminton court look like?

The main feature of a Badminton court is the 'net line', which is the line along which a net is run.
This net is 5ft high, and creates two seperate sides of 22ft x 20 ft each.

The 'Short Service Line' is another important marking, and is found 6ft 6in. From the net line. The area inside this division is known as the 'non volley zone'.

Markings on a Badminton court:
Other important features of a Badminton court include:

  • Center Line - A line that the short service line from the back boundary line.
  • Side Line (for single play)
  • Back boundary line
  • Long service line (for doubles)
For more information on the layout of a Badminton court, I'd recommend visiting the following websites:

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