What Are The Regulations In Rounders?


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The National Rounders Association's (NRA) rules are the most common regulations used and these rules differ from most baseball or softball. Some of the most important rules include:
  • The number of players on the team must be a minimum of six and a maximum of nine
  • The ball has to be 190 mm
  • The bat cannot be more than 460 mm in length with a 170 mm diameter.
  • The bat must not weigh more than 370 g
Some of the rules are similar to baseball, with some small differences, these include:
  • The bases are still laid out like a diamond, except that home base is a separate base meaning it is at a right angle to the third and batsman's base.
  • The bases are marked with poles instead of the traditional flat pads. The poles have to be supported on their own and can stand at only 1 m.
Some of the rules regarding game play are:
  • If the ball is a good throw the batter has to try to hit it.
  • If the ball goes backward the batter cannot go to the first post until the ball has been sent forward again.
  • The batter that does not hit a ball may be "caught-out" or "stumped" at the first post.
  • Batters can run on no-balls, though they do not have to.
  • All batters up to the last inning can ask for one good ball to hit.
  • The last batter gets to have three unless they are caught out.
  • A batter is out if the fielder catches the ball. This is before the ball touches the ground after it has been hit.
  • If the fielder touches the base halfway up the post while the batter is running they are out.
  • If another batter runs to the same base the other batter is out.
  • A batter can also overtake another and make the other person out.
There are also GAA rules for the Irish version of the game.
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You need to have;
a correctly positioned pitch
a small leather coated ball
a small bat
4 posts
4 post bases
2 teams of 6-15 people
and an umpire who can keep score.
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