When Does The New Season Of The Game Start?


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While filming of season five of the American drama series "The Game" on BET has been confirmed by BET's website, there is not yet a confirmed date for the airing of the first episode, although online rumors stipulate that the new season of the show may be aired in the fall of 2011.

The comedy and drama series was first aired in 2006 as a spin-off series from the American drama "Girlfriends". The show's storylines follow a group of girls, and their relationships with American football stars. All of the couples face a number of different problems, with issues such as adultery, money problems and pregnancy all tackled by the show's writers.

The drama series "The Game" has been nominated for a number of awards. Since 2007, the show, its cast and crew have been nominated for seven awards, with Erica Montoflo winning the Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series in 2009. Other nominations include Tia Mowry's nomination for the Teen Choice TV Actress award in 2007, and the show's nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2009. The show's star Wendy Raquel Robinson has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series a total of three times. The show has also featured a number of famous special guest appearances, including acting from Chamillionaire, Lil' Kim, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and Serena Williams.

Based on the average viewers per episode of television program "The Game", the first two seasons of the show had over two million viewers. The popularity of the show dipped slightly in its third series, aired from 2008 to 2009, with its average number of viewers dropping to 1.75 million viewers. However, when the show came back for its fourth season in 2011, the popularity of the show rocketed to an average of over four million viewers.
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Likely in January.  Both Tia and Pooch twitted last week that they were heading to Atlanta to start filming immediately.  Hopefully BET will start a great ads soon to get the word out.  I haven't heard about Wendy (Tosha Mack) she was the only cast member that wasn't on the plane so hopefully she caught a later flight or something.  I can't imagine that show without her.
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In January definately!
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I hope it starts soon.... I can c da drama between melanie n derwin n how dey got married at da hospital.. Yes she loves him but I'm not given up my dream wedding for a marriage in da hospital after janay gave birth.. Melanie is stronger den me.. Also as far as kelly n jason I don't want them yo get back together because she pursued the divorce n it leaves for more drama between tasha n kelly since tasha hooked up jason with stacey dash... I can't wait for the new season.. BET needs to get a move on it cause the suspense is killing me... The Game is the best show thats on right now...
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I would be devastated if da show got officially cancelled.. It would be useless to get our hopes up high after da last episode which I believe is the one wen melanie and derwin get married and jenay ends up havin her baby da same day....I want to knw if they will get married and what conflicts would happen between melanie and jenay.... It definetely wouldnt be a show without tasha mack and malik.....
But what I'm hopin to see is:
Derwin and melanie being together
tasha and rick getting together
kelly and jason at least get back together for da sake of brittany
and malik and tee-tee being funny as ever
and I can't forget about irv....
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I totally agree the game is really the best show out rite now and the new season will get bet a lot of ratings!!!! I really hope they pick the show back up I love that show wit a passion!!!!
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Yeah I DON'T want to see Kelley and Jason get back together. I'm all for realizing your wrong doings and tryna make up for them but when a person is that persistent in not rekindling, then you got to tell her kick rocks with no socks! That's why after his court day he hugged Kelley but left with his woman played by Stacey Dash. I never wanted Tasha and Rick to break up but she did need to be taught a lesson, hopefully she's learned it by now since it appears that Rick is back. Kinda confused by the whole Justice of the Peace wedding after all that drama with her parents wanting to be there and yada yada yada, but hey to each their own. Can't wait for the show to come back on. I'm a male but the show is so real, I stay tuned in. HOLLA!

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