What Might A 1861 Confederate 1 Cent Penny With Cottonbail ?


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An original Confederate Cent is probably worth 6 figures. They are all accounted for, so you do not have an original. Only 12 were struck. Restrikes of the coin were made with the original dies in 1874. A total of about 74 were struck brfore the dies broke. These are worth $20,000+ at auction. Lovett obtained these dies, made transfer dies, and struck 17,500 coins in the late 1950's or early 1960's. These are on a thick planchet of high quality. The die break and marks from defacing the dies in 1874 are obvious. They sell for $30 - $200 normally. There are NUMEROUS copies, replicas, and fakes. Most are worthless. An interesting replica was made somewhere around 1961 that has 1/100 on the reverse, it has small collector value. Apparently the Lovett dies were also used in England to make restrikes but of lesser quality. There may also be a restrike from the early 1920's. In any event, it is pretty unlikely that you have an original coin, or one of the first restrikes. But, if you think you do, you need to get it professionally graded, authenticated, and appraised.
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Back during the civil war there was a huge shortage or currency because nobody wanted to spend their money, so as a result people began to make their own coins. It's value depends on its condition, where it was made, when it was made, what it says on it, etc. So yours could be worth anywhere between $1 to thousands of dollars, the only way that I would know would be if I saw it.

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