What Is The History Of Handball?


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Proportions of a sports ground of field handball played with 11 players at 1936 Summer Olympics evaluated to a football sports ground. Team handball has starts getting as far as the antiquity: urania in very old Greece, harpaston in earliest Rome, fangballspiel in medieval Germany, etc. There are too proceedings of handball-like sports in medieval France, and surrounded by the Inuit on Greenland, in the center Ages, and in earliest Africa, first and foremost Egypt. By the 19th century, there survived parallel games of haandbold from Denmark, hazena in Bohemia and Slovakia, gandbol in Ukrain, torball in Germany, as well as editions in Ireland and Uruguay.

The team handball sport as we recognize it nowadays was shaped by the end of the 19th century in northern Europe, mainly Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden. The Dane Holger Nielsen illustrated up the regulations for current handball (hand bold) in 1898 (and published them in 1906), and R.N. Ernst did somewhat comparable in 1897.

An additional position of team handball regulations was published on October 29, 1917 by Max Heiser, Karl Schelenz and Erich Konigh from Germany. Following by 1919 these set of laws were further enhanced by Karl Schelenz. The primary worldwide games were played under these regulations, between Germany and Belgium for males in 1925 and among Germany and Austria for females in 1930.

The worldwide Handball association has prearranged Men's World contest in 1938, and then each four or occasionally three years since the World War II. Since 1995 World competition in Iceland, the contest has been detained each two years. The Women's globe contests have been played since 1957. The IHF also categorize Women's and Men's junior globe competitions.

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