What Is Fir In Golf Terms?


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FIR means fairway in regulation... Or did you land (and stay!) on the fairway from your tee shot. This would not apply to par 3's.
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FIR means Fairways in regulation. Basically, did you hit your ball onto the fairway with your first shot. They don't officially use that stat anymore though, they use "shots gained: Tee-to-green" now, which combines FIR with GIR (greens in regulation). I'm not 100% sure of how they calculate it, though. Hope this helped!

If you want to learn more, it's probably easier to just find a website that answers all such questions in one place, like this one.

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I don’t know what it is, maybe you meant par? Believe it or not, par doesn’t matter in golf. I know this because I have been doing golf for a long time, I even bought ammunition on the site /reviews/best-golf-drivers-for-high-handicappers/. This is an arbitrary number that indicates what the player should do on the hole. However, your score depends on your skill level and hole complexity.

Par means nothing to the TOUR player, that's for sure.

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Fir does not mean anything in golf, except perhaps the Fir tree :)

You might mean: 'fore - meaning 'Watch out afore' or ahead!

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